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Monday, July 7, 2014

God Loves Everyone

Oi, minha familia e amigos! :) Here I am on the 11 month mark of my mission and it is my last day here in North Carolina. I can't even begin to explain the mixed feelings going on in my mind and heart right now! I am so grateful for all that I have been able to learn and experience here and the wonderful people I have been able to serve among. I love the South and will forever love the people of NC. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in Brazil and the work that He has for me to do there.
This week we had an amazing miracle! About 2 months ago, we got a referral from from this woman who requested to have missionaries come and teach her. We were very excited! We met her once and she was so ready to learn. But, after that initial visit we lost contact and were unable to see her again. The other day, we had a feeling that we needed to stop by and see her again. She wasn't home, so we left a note. Well, she called us back and was very excited to meet! We taught her 3 times last week and she is excited to get baptized in August!! She also came to church and loved it. She told us that she would be there every week from now on. She had a lot of great questions and comments at church and everyone there seemed to love her. She even requested a blessing to help her quit smoking. She is amazing. It makes me wonder what would have happened if we didn't listen to that feeling that we had to stop by and see her. It was just a subtle feeling, but so much came of it by listening. It makes me want to listen more to the feelings and promptings of the Spirit because we never know what miracles can come from seemingly trivial ideas. Even if we personally don't understand why we need to do it, or even if it seems so crazy and random, if the Lord wants us to do it we need to get it done! Luckily, He knows that we aren't perfect at that and He makes a way for us to learn and do better. But I am so grateful for the guidance of the Spirit. It will lead us in all things as we rely on the Lord to direct our paths. I also just want to testify that I know that God loves all of us individually and He knows us personally. He forgives us and wants to help us overcome our weaknesses step by step. I know that He not only wants us to love others, but to love ourselves too. Someone said something at church that hit me: "God loves us no matter how much we feel like we don't deserve it." You are always loved and are never alone!! :)

Sister Dieter

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