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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Working Hard

Hi everyone! Hope this week was great. We had a wonderful week with lots of progress. It was also one of the hottest weeks of my life. It reached more than 40 degrees Celsius here, which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit!! People are super nice though and always willing to offer us water and to come in and sit for a little while. It is providing a lot of great opportunities to meet new people. This week we had some pretty great experiences with a few investigators. One is the friend of some less-active members in the ward. She is reading the Book of Mormon and learning a lot! It is such a miracle for her too because in school she always had a super hard time learning and understanding things. But she reads the Book of Mormon and seriously understands really well! She cried yesterday with joy because the Lord is really working in her life and she is doing things she never thought she could. We also met with another woman and started teaching her daughters and granddaughter too! She told us how she has been really feeling the desire to come to church since she has started learning (which is a miracle because the first time we met with her she told us flat out that she would never want to come to church and be baptized!). It is so wonderful to see the Spirit working on people´s hearts. Also, another family we are teaching is doing super well. The mom has a lot of reservations about getting baptized, not because she doesn´t want to, but because she wants to be active in the church afterwards and is afraid of falling away. But she is basically talking like she is already a member and she recognizes that too. We are helping her to overcome her insecurities and trust in the Lord. He really is the one that knows best for us and when we let Him work in our lives and trust in His will, miracles happen!

Love you all!
Síster Dieter