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Monday, June 30, 2014

Softening Hearts

Happy almost 4th of July! I hope everyone has a great week, wherever you are! This past week has been so good. Funny moment of the week: At the end of a lesson we asked our 66 year old investigator what we could pray for for her. She promptly responded, "Pray that I will find me Mr. Righteous." We almost died of laughter, but we complied and prayed for it. I hope she gets what she's looking for :)
Anyways, we also had two amazing experiences that show to me the power of love and how it can soften even the hardest hearts. We started meeting with a different one of our neighbors and she has a ton of questions! It was neat to see her view of the church change and her growing testimony. She tells us repeatedly that she's not interested in joining the church (or any church, for that matter), but each time we meet she has found something new that she loves about the gospel! She's so sweet and I am glad to know her and see her relationship with Heavenly Father growing stronger.
Secondly, we had a very interesting experience when we stopped by to visit one of our investigators, Britney. She was outside when we got there at her apartment complex, so we just went up and talked with her for a bit. There was another woman there standing by just kind of listening. She eventually asked us "Who are y'all?? The Mormons???" When we replied, "Yes" she immediately responded "Oh, I can't talk to y'all. I can't talk to y'all." She yelled and yelled at us about how we "don't believe in Jesus" and that she can't talk to us because we're Mormon. Britney defended us and told her "They believe in Jesus Christ!!" This angry woman continued to yell, scream, and cuss at us for a few minutes, and we just stood there and listened. Eventually, her yelling at us turned into her yelling about her life and about her daughter's problems and how upset, scared, and frustrated they were making her. She started to break down and told us there was nothing we could tell her that would help. We just told her that we were sorry for her and that everything would be ok. We then gave her a hug and she told us we needed to come back and talk to her the next day. Wow!! It was just so amazing to see a situation go from anger and hatred to love and support that quickly. It made me realize that people are going through things that we have no idea about and it isn't our place to judge or get defensive, because you never really know what the true cause of their emotions is. I am glad we were able to end that situation in a spirit of love and I know it is because the Spirit was with us. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and is infinitely patient!
Love, Sister Dieter

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