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Monday, August 25, 2014

Tudo Vai Dar Certo

It´s been a good, and very hot, week here in Viamão! I got a nice sneak peek of what summer will be like here. This Sunday, I gave my first talk in church here in Brazil! It went well and afterwards members told me that they were actually able to understand me, which is great! I am trying to get rid of my American accent :) It is amazing to me the things that the Lord is helping me to do. Sometimes I forget how miraculous it is that I am communicating daily with people in another language because it is just something I expect to happen. But seriously, the Lord is amazing and I am so grateful for the miracles He performs every day in my life and the lives of others. 

I learned a lot this week about the importance of charity and sacrifice. We had a member of the church go out with us to help teach for the whole day this week! I am so amazed by the willingness that people have here to help others and to serve without thought of themselves. It was her only day off from work and she could have been at home relaxing with her husband. But, she wanted to come out with us and visit people who are in need of help. I also was reminded this week of something that I learned in the past but have kind of forgetten. I realized again that it is so important to love those around you, even if they don´t love you or show you kindness. Charity is the pure love of Christ, and even though some people are harder to get along with than others, we are still commanded to love and serve them. Christ loves everyone and He didn´t discriminate who He helped while He was here on Earth. Even though it is super hard sometimes, we need to do our best to be kind to others and understand their point of view. It makes everyone´s life easier and happier. Life is good! The gospel of Christ is one of happiness, joy, and love. We don´t need to worry, everything will work out in the end for the best. I am so grateful for the direction of the Lord in my life and I know that He is literally directing my life and the lives of others. As we trust in Him and His will, we will find that everything works out how it needs to be. 

Love, Sister Dieter

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