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Monday, August 11, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

This has been a good week! Thursday was my one year mark on the mission! We had the opportunity to go to the temple as a zone on Wednesday, which was so great. I love the peace and Spirit there. We had a great stake conference yesterday as well! 4 of our investigators came! We have been teaching the husband of a recent convert recently, and it has been kind of hard for her because although he is reading the Book of Mormon faithfully and believes everything, he doesn´t understand the need to get baptized. She came to conference by herself. But, just before the conference started, we saw her husband Carlos walk in! He had driven the 45 minute drive to Porto Alegre by his own free will to be there! It was great! We also started teaching the friend of a young woman in the ward this week, named Ketllhen. She´s been coming to church, mutual, and seminary for like a year now and for some reason the missionaries just never knew that she wasn´t a member before. But she wants to get baptized and is ready to learn! We also had a wonderful lesson with Fernanda this week, and she finally said the closing prayer. It was beautiful and the Spirit was very strong. She started crying in the middle of it and I could tell that she was beginning to recognize the influence of the Lord in her life. It´s those kind of moments that remind me why I am here and why this work is so important. :)

So today I found out that I am getting transferred! I came into the mission here halfway through a transfer cycle, so I have only been here in Guaíba for 3 weeks. It is weird to be getting transferred right as I am starting to get to know the people, area, and my companions. But it must be for a reason! It just goes to show that you really have to be ready for anything at all times and that the Lord is the one in control, not us. I am learning to expect the unexpected, and to apply the counsel ´´Come what may, and love it.´´ :)

Sister Dieter

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