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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! This week has been full of adjustments and changes as my new companion, Sister Lewis got here on Tuesday! She's been out for 7 months and is from Idaho originally. I'm excited to work with her and to be able to learn from our experiences together! This week was fun and kind of crazy, but good! We had a wonderful zone meeting on Wednesday, and I learned a lot about the role of the Spirit. Like it says in Moroni 10:5, by the power of the Spirit is how we learn all truth. Anyone can know the truth of the gospel and the Book of Mormon by praying about it and paying attention to the feelings that they receive from the Holy Ghost. I know that Heavenly Father communicates to us through these feelings, and it is so important to act on them! We had a couple of great lessons this week with RG, and he is so excited to be baptized soon! He went to church for the first time yesterday, and LOVED it!! He can't wait to be baptized so that he can start fresh, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and follow Christ's gospel. He even mentioned how excited he is to one day be worthy to hold the priesthood of God. Wow, he is such an amazing soul! I am so blessed to be able to witness his growth. I know that God will help us with all of our challenges as we put forth our faith and show Him that we trust Him. Although things often don't work out how we expected or how we planned them to, if we are being obedient and following God's will for us, they always turn out better! He knows what we need to do, how we need to do it, and where we need to be. If we will show our faith and act on it, great miracles will occur! I know we are all blessed daily and each little thing that we do to follow Christ is an act of faith. Jesus Christ died so that we can be happy. So let yourself be happy! Don't focus on the negative, because there always will be something bad to find if you look hard enough. Allow yourself to see all the tiny miracles each day! I  know as I have been trying to do that, it helps so much! As we let God into our hearts, He helps us to fulfill our full potential.

Love you all!
Sister Dieter

Sisters of the Wilmington Zone

Snowman candy bar :)

Sister Lewis and I!

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