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Monday, March 10, 2014

Southern Comfort Food, Miracles, and Sick Days

Such an interesting week! We had a dinner at this place called Smithfield's with Sister Henderson. Goodness, such Southern food! Fried chicken, hush puppies, and Brunswick stew! Yum! Also, we had zone meeting in Wilmington and we went on exchanges with some other sisters in our zone. I went to Hampstead, which is a cute beach town on the coast. It was a great day and we were able to teach some wonderful people!
It rained a lot at the beginning of the week, which made it a little harder to talk with people. But we still had a great week! We had a wonderful dinner at a member's home and talked with them a lot about the Holy Spirit and how it guides their family. I'm so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the guidance that I receive from Heavenly Father. It was so cute, their little boys wanted to bear their testimonies to us and tell us about what they believe in. One is 7 and the other is 5 and they had such powerful, simple testimonies of God and Jesus Christ!
We also went to talk to a woman that one of our investigators referred us to. Around here, most people we talk to have some sort of belief in God and Jesus Christ, so we typically just ask them "Do you have a belief in Christ?" expecting a "Yes". We were both caught off guard to have her say no! She proceeded to explain that she is actually a Wiccan! It was very interesting and a new experience for me. She was very curious about the Book of Mormon though and asked for a copy to read. I really hope she does read it and is able to learn more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
On Saturday, we had such a great lesson with Tracy! Before now, she had been curious to learn more and liked talking to us, but wasn't very committed to it. She had asked us about her purpose in life and if there was anything in the Book of Mormon that could answer her questions about it. Yes there is!! :) We gave her a chapter to read in Alma 34 and a couple of pamphlets with some further study questions and scriptures to read. She absorbed everything and was so excited to meet and talk more about it! It was so amazing to see her face light up with joy as she learned about God's plan for her and her purpose in being on Earth. She is so humble and eager to learn and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help her understand and find peace. It ended up being an interesting lesson because Sister Lewis got sick during it...but the Spirit prevailed and we were able to finish the lesson! After that, we went home so Sister Lewis could sleep and recover for the rest of the day. But it was wonderful knowing that we had helped Tracy and that she is excited to learn more! I love being able to serve and help other people and teach them the simple truths that I know. It's so important that we share this knowledge and hope found through Jesus Christ with all we come in contact with!
Com amor,
Sister Dieter

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