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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oi, tudo bem?
I hope everyone has had a great week. This week was full of lots of service opportunities, which was great! We were able to help a few people in their yard as well as cleaning the church. I love being able to do service for people and play a small part in helping to ease a burden. We had a couple of funny moments this week. At dinner with some members, their 10 year old daughter was telling us all about her upcoming choir concert. She was so excited that she decided to give us a mini concert right there at the dinner table! It was pretty cute and funny. Also, we asked a member and her 8 year old son if they knew anyone that we should stop by and might be in need of uplifting. The boy said, "Hold on a minute!" and then ran over to the window to see who he could find :) He then told us about his neighbor who could "use a long teach" about Christ. We also got some left over Girl Scout cookies from a member, which was much appreciated!
We had stake conference this weekend, which was great! (Congregations are called "wards" and a "stake" is a group of wards put together, so stake conference is basically a regional conference of members of the church). It was so inspiring and the Spirit was very strong! I loved the messages about sharing our knowledge with others and how we can be good examples to those around us simply by living the things that we believe. It is so important to not only believe in Jesus Christ and have faith in Him, but to ACT on that faith and show it by becoming a better person. As we strive to follow His commandments, we are purified and become more and more Christlike. Others will see the influence that He has in our lives and desire to have that for themselves. I know that as we pray for help, Heavenly Father will guide us to those people whom we can touch and to experiences where we can learn how to be like Him. I'm grateful for the knowledge that can be found in prayer and scripture study. I know that as we exercise our faith in Christ, He can help us to change and lead by example.
Com amor, 
Sister Dieter

Girl Scout Cookies!

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