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Monday, October 6, 2014

It Will All Work Out!

This week I learned a lot about the importance of just doing your best and letting the Lord work out the details. We had a lot of things not work out how we would have liked this week, including one investigator who was super excited to get baptized and is now avoiding us! But, I know from experiences past that these things happen and we just need to be patient. The Lord is in control and things always will work out how He needs them to be. Often times in our lives we think that we have the perfect plan for how things need to be. We have goals and dreams that are righteous and good, but sometimes they don´t happen as planned, or at all. We may begin to wonder why we must experience such difficulty and strife. I know that I have often thought before, ´´I´m doing what I´m supposed to be doing and making good choices, why can´t what I want to happen just work out how I want it to??`` But luckily, the Lord knows more than we do and He always provides a way for His will to be done. Our ´´best case scenario´´ usually pales in comparison to what He has planned for us. It definitely is a huge test of faith to keep trusting in His will when it seems like we are just being denied from what we want. But I know that it will always work out for the best. The Lord loves us perfectly and He knows how much we can handle. He knows our challenges and the experiences that we need to have to reach our full potential. Though we may feel like we can´t do it, He knows that we can. His timing is perfect and if we are willing to listen, He will always lead us in the right direction. I know that the Lord knows all of us personally and He loves us perfectly. I don´t quite understand how He could possibly be so patient and forgiving when His children repeatedly make wrong choices. But He is. Even when we feel like we don´t deserve His blessings or love, He is always there to give it. All we have to do is allow Him to help us by striving to follow His plan. He has given us the gospel of Jesus Christ to help us navigate this life of challenges and confusion. Those who are faithful will find immense happiness and joy, even in the midst of trial and challenges. I was so grateful to be reminded of this repeatedly this past weekend during General Conference. It was great to hear the messages of our prophet and other church leaders. I know that they are inspired of God and that the messages they shared are specific to our day. I know that the church of Jesus Christ truly was restored to the Earth and that God still speaks with us today. He hasn´t abandoned us and never will! :)

Love, Sister Dieter

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