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Monday, September 8, 2014

Chuva, Aniversários, e Progresso

This week was super rainy and no one really wanted to stop to talk to us or answer the door. But, despite the rain, it was a great week!! Sister Barros and I had a lot of fun together and had some great visits with members and investigators. Yesterday was my ´´mission birthday´´ (aka, the day of the month that I started my mission) and also the birthday of a wonderful sister in the ward. We have been working a lot especially with a couple that joined the church decades ago and hadn´t been to church for probably more than 10 years. They raised their kids in the church to a point, but none of them really know much about it. We have been visiting them for a while and they have some really deep questions and concerns. Although they have a lot of doubts, they love our visits and we have become almost like granddaughters to them. Gradually, they have been feeling the Spirit more and making changes in their lives. They decided a few weeks ago that they wanted to keep the Sabbath day holy and wouldn´t open their market on Sundays. They took a hit financially as a result, but are firm in their decision and even chose to pay tithing too. Yesterday, they came to church!! We also have been visiting their son who is ´´not interested at all´´ in coming back to church, but wants to offer guitar lessons at the church and loves having us visit with him and his family. We had a meeting this week to plan the lessons, and he stayed for our ´´family night´´ at the church too. It was great to see him enjoying being among church members again and developing friendships. I know that he is feeling the Spirit, even if he doesn´t recognize it or want to admit it. This week also starts our English classes at the church (yep, one of the elders and I are going to teach English lessons) and he is going to come with his family. I know that God performs miracles, but often the process is a lot more gradual than we expect. It is so important to be patient with His timing and understand that everything really will work out in the end. :)

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