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Monday, April 14, 2014

Miracle Week

Oi, tudo mundo? Como vai? :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I am so excited to be 20! :) This has been a good week full of some pretty amazing experiences!! Funny moment of the week: last Monday at Walmart, a random Subway worker called out to us and said he had something for us. It was a Qur'an and he wanted us to have it. We in turn gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and it was really neat to be able to share our faith with him. Super random, but interesting! We also had an "activity zone conference" this week with other missionaries in the area. We had meetings and presentations, and then we had a few hours of fun and games. It was a beautiful spring day and made me really appreciate the wonderful people I get to serve among here in NC.

We had a few amazing lessons this week too! One in particular was such a miracle! We were talking with some people who told us to go see their friend that was mourning the loss of a child. At first when she answered the door, it was pretty awkward and she was very confused as to why we were there. Slowly, she warmed up a bit to us and let us come in. We told her how much God loves her and shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon about how faith in Jesus Christ enables us to overcome all things. We asked if we could pray for her, and though she doesn't usually let people do that, she did! At the end of the prayer, she was crying, hugged us, and told us she loved us! It was miraculous to see someone go from skeptical and kind of rude, to feeling loved and open to receive help within 5 minutes! I know that it is because she felt the Spirit touch her heart and she was able to feel God's love for her. This Sunday was also amazing because we had an investigator come to church and love it! Also, a few less-active sisters came to church who haven't been for a while! And, a sister that hasn't been to church since the 1980s came with her husband and they loved it!!!  I know that God truly works miracles if we will just have faith and do His will. Our efforts to love and support people are never in vain, even if they do not accept, appreciate, or act on them right away. :) Love you all!

Sister Dieter

20th B-day!

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