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Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello everyone! This was definitely a different sort of week. We got a few inches of snow and freezing rain on Tuesday, and as a result pretty much all of our appointments for the week were cancelled. They don't have the funds for plowing down here, since it usually doesn't snow much. So basically everyone just stays inside for a few days until the ice melts off the roads. I definitely learned a lot about patience this week! Despite the weather, some really great things happened this week! We had a wonderful lesson with a less-active man in another member family's home. They just reached out to him in love and support, and it was a very special experience. I can testify that a little love and charity goes a long way in changing someone's life. We can all reach out to those who are struggling and bring them comfort. We were also able to go on base to meet with an investigator's sister who was in the naval hospital because of an traumatic miscarriage. We were able to share more with her about the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us and that there is a way for her to be with that child one day. She was also able to receive a blessing of comfort and she told us she felt much better afterwards. It was a very special experience and I am so glad that we were able to help her in some way. Also, this week we have been really hoping and praying for someone that we can teach who is committed to learn and to change their life. Well, we got a text from some other missionaries in Arizona telling us that their investigator will be moving here to work for the Marine Corps and that we will be finishing teaching him! He is excited to be baptized and his member fiancée and he are planning on being married in the temple next year! Although things are not always easy, it is so worth it! Heavenly Father blesses us daily in so many ways!
Something I have been thinking about this week is the analogy of faith being like a seed. The seed itself is great; it has all the components necessary to become a strong, tall tree. But, that seed requires some nourishment and care to grow. We have to pray, read the scriptures, attend church, and strive to be obedient to the Lord's commandments in order to "water" our seed of faith and help it grow stronger and bigger. If we neglect that plant and it begins to wilt and die, it isn't because the gospel and the truth we believe in (the seed) was bad or wrong, it's because we weren't working to take care of that testimony. If we won't water our plant, the heat of the sun can scorch it so much easier. I know that no matter what point your "seed" is at in it's development, there is always opportunity for it to grow again and even more. What will you do this week to nourish that seed? :)

Sister Dieter

This is what two inches of pure ice and snow without any plowing or salting looks like!

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  1. Interesting pictures. Good luck with your new contact!