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Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello all!
It's hard to believe it is already December and that I have been a missionary for almost 4 months now. Time really does fly by! This week was good, it was a little harder to get appointments with people because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but we stayed busy! One day, we tried to go out biking around, but about 5 minutes in it started down pouring!! That was certainly interesting, we had to immediately turn back and just drive of course. We also did some "service" this week that was fun. An older woman in the ward asked us to come over and decorate her Christmas tree for her, since she couldn't do it anymore. So it was service, but we were more than glad to do it! It was nice to be able to help her and have fun at the same time!
This week we had some great opportunities to teach the Plan of Salvation, or Heavenly Father's plan for us to be able to get back to Him and be happy. As I taught this to others who are unfamiliar with it, it helped me to realize how grateful I am to know that there is a purpose in life. We are here for a short time to learn, grow, and become more like Jesus Christ. We can learn from our mistakes and our troubles, and become better people. Through the Atonement and suffering of Jesus Christ, our guilt can be taken away and we can prepare to return to the presence of God. When we keep this eternal perspective in mind, the little trials seem so insignificant. As a result, I've been trying to notice the positive in all things, and it's made me a lot happier! Even when things fall through or don't work out as we had hoped, there is a lesson to be learned and growth of character that comes out of it. Most of the time, God's plans for us are way different than what we expect. But, I'd rather follow His plans for me than my own, that's for sure. I know that as we strive to learn what His plan is for us and to our best to follow it, true and eternal happiness is found. Our families are meant to be together eternally, and as we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is possible for everyone! I love being able to help others learn how to increase their happiness and follow Jesus Christ. As we turn our will over to Heavenly Father, He will guide us to do what is right. Sometimes it is really hard to let go of control like that, but I know that we can trust in God to watch over us. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and will help us as long as we are willing to accept it. My motto has become: "Things will work out." And I know they will.
Sister Dieter

Biking in the rain

Christmas tree!

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